Popular Mulch
In North Carolina the tulip popular tree is a hardwood by forestry department standards. It is available double ground. Fresh popular is light milk chocolate in color and still has acid in it. This mulch will age to a dark brown color when dry and almost black when wet. Aging could take one to two months depending on weather conditions.

Cypress Mulch
Double cut and naturally gold in color.

Red or Brown Dyed Cypress Mulch
Double cut and fire brick red in color.

Pine Mulch
Our shreaded pine mulch is single ground containing mostly outer pine bark with some inner wood mixed. It has a very good pine-woodsy odor. It is also acidic in nature.

Mixed Hardwood
This is a combination of Pine, Oak, Hickory and Popular. This is a medium double cut mulch. While the underneath is dark in color the mulch exposed to sunlight turns various colors due to the different woods. This mulch has the appearance of a woodsy mulch that has been there naturally.


Popular Playground Blocks
These are blocks that are about the size of a flat sugar cube. They are used in church, school and daycare playgrounds. Due to the softness they are usually placed from four to six inches in depth to prevent injuries. Also the size of this material prevents its being tracked indoors as with other mulchs and sawdust. Therefore, it is also good in walkways or dog lots.